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Top tips for term deposits

Term deposits are an easy and secure way to invest your funds. But it is always a good idea to do your research and shop around first to find the best return before investing.

Although there has been a significant decrease in term deposit rates over the past few years, they remain a popular investment strategy for many savers, due to their safety and reliability. And if you are prepared to shop around or switch providers, it is almost a guarantee that you will achieve excellent returns on your term deposits.

Below are some tips for putting money into a term deposit:

Do your research: try to find an impressive rate instead of simply accepting what’s on offer from your provider. Lower rates mean that those who want a high return need to be switched on about where they’re putting their term deposit.

Look for promotional rates: if you’re prepared to look around and chase a special rate, you might just be able to catch one.

Don’t automatically roll over: always compare what is available both inside and outside of your organisation. You can do this by setting a reminder for yourself just before your term deposit matures to allow time to check for the next best rate.

Be prepared to change terms: if you usually invest for 12 months and find a better promotional rate on an eight-month term deposit, be prepared to make the change to the better rate.

Consider alternatives: if you are tempted by profits elsewhere, such as in the property market or equities, don’t be afraid to consider those options as well to better your investment returns.

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